Meet The Team!

Tracy Rones


Tracy is the manager of St. Armands.  She came to Florida via England and Norway. She has been with Natural Discoveries for 11 years.  In her other life, she was a flight attendant.  She has two children, Cassandra and Stephan.


Interesting fact:

Tracy has a ferret and a dog!

Cilla Yuen

Cilla was originally a restaurant owner from Massachusetts.  She has been at Natural Discoveries since 2009.  She loves tennis, golf and bicycling.  She also loves to speak French.


Interesting fact: 

Cilla went on a bicycle tour of France this summer.

Caroll Caulfield

Carroll had a career in the Foreign Service before moving to Sarasota.  She served in Paris and Africa.  She has been with us since 2008 and is the designated Sunday manager.


Interesting fact: 

Carroll is an expert on personal lives of fashion designers.

Victoria Rhyne

Victoria worked in a bridal salon before coming to us two years ago. She lives with her husband on Lido Beach and enjoys all things vintage.

Interesting fact:

Victoria was a shoe designer in NYC!

Nancy Montgomery

Nancy came from Indiana to Natural Discoveries in 2014.  She worked in a similar store there so she knew many  of the lines we carry.  She loves  to entertain and hang out with her family of 2 children and 2, soon to be 3, grandkids.


Interesting fact:

Nancy was a high school drama teacher and one of her

students in in the movie The Shape of Water.

Peg Kelly
Personal Shopper

Peg was our manager.  She worked with us from 2006 to 2016, when she left to go back to Minnesota to care for her parents.  She has an extraordinary talent for creating a wardrobe and knowing what will look exactly right on a customer.


Interesting fact: 

Peg is going to be a first-time grandmother in January.
She has just returned to Sarasota and is now available as a
personal shopper.  To make an appointment,
call 941-355-0611.

Suzanne Leslie

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Suzie is a rare Florida native.  She is a marketing professional and a graphic designer with a passion for art & fashion. Suzie and her two dogs recently moved from Fort Lauderdale to Lakewood Ranch.


Interesting fact: 

Suzie started going to art school when she was eight years old.