About Us

After years of exploring different aspects of the fashion business (from retail, importing, manufacturing, repping and designing), Dave and I decided to return to retailing. In all our endeavors, our core customer remained the same, but we noticed a lack of comfort, color, well-priced, quality clothing and easy shopping. So while on the road (repping 23 lines in the Southeast), we began to formulate our concept store. It was handy that Dave had been a builder and had studied computers in college. It was also handy that I had a design background. In 1999, in partnership with Click and Color Me Cotton, we opened our first store in Santa Fe. It was an immediate success. Our philosophy was simple. Women have enough to manage in their lives — children, homes, jobs, partners and parents. Looking at too much merchandise is confusing and hard, so creating a sense of fun and energy with attentive and creative wardrobes was our goal. We wanted to make a space where a woman could relax and get enough attention to feel good about the way she looks. A woman who feels good about the way she looks is a happy woman, and a happy woman makes all the people in her life happy

We went on to open a total of 10 stores, which were all successful, but we missed having time for a life too. So slowly we began to close the stores, and we have now reached our goal. We are home. Our remaining flagship store on
St. Armand’s still reflects our concept. However, we still have some creative urges left, so we have developed an online
store so our customers can now shop with us from home at
their leisure.

Thank you for your years of support and business. We appreciate you very much and hope you enjoy shopping
with us.


Judi & Dave